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singer celebrated with a decadent 1920s-themed bash in the chic city of Cannes, where famous friends including Bono, Kate Moss and David Blaine were in attendance.Madonna and Timor met when the pair began collaborating on a dance project last year.However, the Wolverhampton-born singer did admit that there was a time when his girlfriend didn't think that their relationship would last.Speaking to 's Dan Wootton, Liam said: "There is one song about a phone call that happened between me and her and she was about to say go – this was ages ago, and it's basically me trying to cling on saying no, it's going to work out, don't worry about it, give it time." Liam reveals who his son looks like Luckily now, things could not be any better between the couple.

Timor, 26, who has been romantically linked to the queen of pop since January, said that he has always preferred dating older women.Talking about his love for his beautiful girlfriend, he continued: "Me and Chez – our relationship is amazing. In a statement, co-author of the study Terra Mc Kinnish said: ‘We find that men who are married to younger wives are the most satisfied, and men who are married to older wives are the least satisfied.The study claims that a lack of shared goals is the reason that these relationships break down, but I would argue that’s the case in any relationship.If one of you wants to jack in your career and go travelling while the other is wedded to their job and flat, that’s going to be an issue. For someone like me, who was born 35 years old, the idea of going to a house party and staying up until 5AM is not a fun one. My weekends are make up of dinner parties, Sunday lunches, Farmer’s markets and up-cycling furniture.

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