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I don’t think we’re necessarily supposed to love Caroline Forbes at the beginning of the series because she’s a bit stuck-up and high maintenance. Even though Candice is a big TV celeb now, she’s got some Southern roots that really speak to me. Then in 2011, she started dating Zach Roerig, who plays Matt Donovan. Candice and several other TVD stars, including Nina Dobrev, were arrested in Georgia during a promotional photo shoot with Tyler Shields on the side of the road. Candice's childhood friend, Teri Raser, got Lyme Disease so Candice started getting involved to find ways to help.She was born in Houston, Texas and grew up in Florida before realizing she had some major star potential. That might explain why the Matt-Caroline story lines dipped when they broke up in 2012. She found Turn The Corner and developed a partnership with them. 10 facts you didn’t know about Kat Graham Follow Gurl, pretty please!Ian Somerhalder has been dating fellow vampire, Twilight star Nikki Reed, since July 2014 and the pair seem super serious about each other.Not only have they adopted a handful of rescue animals together, but they were also rumored to be shopping for engagement rings over the festive period...According to an Us Weekly source, Mc Queen even picked up and carried his girlfriend out of the event after she complained that her feet were hurting.“They met awhile back, they started dating pretty quickly, lots of attraction there,” the source revealed to the magazine.“Dylan is a fun chick, whatever she had with Pattinson was very brief if at all. [Sean] loves his daughter, really whatever makes her happy is fine with him.”And hopefully, visa-versa.

11), she showed up to her dad’s charity gala with Mc Queen on her arm, looking cozy and adorable together.

She starred in her debut action film Pirate Camp, released in 2007. In 2007, Accola appeared in CBS’ sitcom How I Met Your Mother for her role as Amy in an episode titled “Something Borrowed”.

, I thought she was quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet. And (spoiler alert) she turned into a total badass once she became a vampire. Photo Source: Derrick Salters/Candice loves to give back and is a spokesperson for Turn The Corner, a charity for Lyme Disease awareness and research.

For somebody who is still under 30, that's a pretty rough hand to be dealt.

Mc Queen is, but we’re not so sure we ever realized what a compulsive dater the cutie is!

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