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Dating a commitment-phobe can really undermine your self-confidence, and always having to ask yourself “does he like me? In time, you’ll be able to find the serious relationship you deserve.

Two fundamental transgressions are made when you date someone with commitment issues.

Entering into any romantic relationship thinking you can change the other person is a bad idea.

How can you tell if your partner has commitment-phobia?

Think of it this way: you’ve successfully avoided the inevitable heart-break of trying to make a future with a commitment-phobe, and are free to pursue a relationship with someone who is seeking a similar level of commitment as you.

They’re the ones who almost never have you over to their apartment. Dating a commitment-phobe is thankfully pretty uncommon, but it’s also something you never expect to happen to you (until it does).Don’t take it personally; people with commitment issues tend to have a tough time connecting with other aspects of their life, such as friends, family, work and even their living environment.You can be confident that the people you meet using our service are commitment-minded and serious about their search for love.Join today, and never waste your time on a commitment-phobe again!

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