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Sure, my feminist side turns up her nose when I say Scott makes me feel safe, but I dare her to spend a night alone in farmed terrain. But food with Scott has been exciting and varied too.

Along with my introduction to deer meat, I've had homemade brisket and pulled pork, barbequed for hours upon hours.

But they have been keeping her feet toasty for most of her life and they're not about to stop now. Those running shoes, i Phone charger, and two mix CDs with covered in Sharpie writing just mean she's sporty, busy, and has the best girlfriends in the world.

Fun fact: Midwestern women are known to own and operate normal cars. Not to say I don't want that someday, but don't assume it's my life goal. Taking her to the Olive Garden will always be a slam-dunk date. And no one — judge her by what is permanently in the back seat of her car.

Here's what I've learned from dating a Midwesterner: 1. In the four years we've been together, I've noticed an East Coast snobbishness I was blind to — and a part of.I've never had a better one, and I've been to Mexico. An ex of mine used gel every day, and I hated not being able to run my fingers through his hair.Scott is a button-down shirt and jeans kind of guy. Granted, the silent part is a little harder to bear; while I frantically will turn my cell off and on and remove/replace my battery when I can't find a signal, Scott can spend a week on Lake Oahe in South Dakota without reception.We've taken the drive out to Kansas City for ribs.There is a Mexican contingency in and around Iowa and Omaha, and I ate an incredible cheese enchilada at Nettie's. To put it mildly, there are few metrosexuals in Middle America.

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