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If you specify a cookie that was mistakenly specified for both a multiple-version object and a session caching policy, invalidation is based on any occurrence of the cookie.

The ability to send invalidation message inline reduces the connection overhead associated with sending out-of-band invalidations and is a useful tool for ESI developers.

The administrator need only specify which objects to invalidate and how how quickly those objects should be invalidated.

Oracle Web Cache Manager enables you to send either basic invalidation request for invalidation one object, or an advanced invalidation request for multiple objects, as described in the following topics: Oracle Web Cache processes the invalidation request, and returns the Cache Cleanup Result dialog box which shows the invalidation status.

Oracle Web Cache supports the following forms of invalidation: and provides a useful way for origin servers to "piggyback" invalidation messages on HTTP responses sent to Oracle Web Cache.

Specifically, origin servers embed an XML invalidation document within the HTML of the response body using ESI tags.

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If more objects than the number specified meet the invalidation criteria, Oracle Web Cache lists the URLs for the number of objects requested. [15/Oct/ 0000] [notification 11748] [invalidation] [ecid: 21085932167,0] Invalidation with INFO 'summary.gif' has returned with status 'SUCCESS'; number of objects invalidated: '14'.

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