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This company would later buy the site, and unlike the first owner, H&R Block had the money to fund the program in order to enhance it to it's full potential.The Compu Serve system soon became the first major commercial online service provider for the United States.MUDs had a combination of role-playing games, hack and slash, player vs.player, Interactive fiction, and the first form of online chat.The Compu Serve system itself was not the true 'grandfather' of today's chat rooms.

Internet relay chat (Also known as IRC) was created by accident in 1988 by yet another college student named Jarkko Oikarinen.

Despite the early creation of Internet relay chat, it was not the first chat room of it's kind to come along.

Before the creation of IRC came Compu Serve, which was created by Jeffery Wilkins for his father-in-laws insurance company.

The CB Simulator is considered today as being the first real-time online chat room, and primarily grew because of an opportunity they saw in younger users.

This company (like MUD) also saw the attraction and opportunity in creating gaming with the new idea of Internet chat, and integrated the two together in their creation of Play NET.

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