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The next story in the award-winning series The Acts of the Dragons is coming in December 2017. award-winning author Jarrod L.

Edge Read more of this blog post » Here we are at Winter’s Door once again.

Mercury Jones has been released today November 16th. The nap grew and grew and got out of control, and got away from me. Read more of this blog post » I'm thrilled to say that Letters to the Pianist has been nominated for Best Cover Award in In'DTale Magazine, which is fabulous news. So please do vote for my book cover if you get a chance. Shaw After the dawning of the New Year, A reflection, eyes catch, in the mirror.

Bearding the Lion has been getting a number of great 4-5 star reviews both here on Goodreads and on the distributor's websites so I hope you will consider buying our book... You will need to set up an account to vote, but it only takes a few mi... Rummaging through belongings, I stare At a dusty box, though why should I care.

Sprinkled with humor, presidential tidbits, and nostalgic movie clips, reviewers so far have li... ) Seven Stages of a Chesser Novel by Shawn Chesser.~~~~Event page: https... I'm still drafting the second book in The Hunter Files series, but I wanted to share some of the opening paragraphs with you as a little teaser.

Read more of this blog post » One Stop action for Winter of Zombie Day 16! Despite writing the books as a series, I aim to make sure that each book can be read as a standalone too so that new readers can jump on boa...

To qualify for admissions to the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design program students must have an Associate of Arts degree or higher (or equivalent), from either BC or another regionally accredited institution in one of the following degree categories: Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Architecture or Industrial Design.

Bellevue College AA students are required to apply for graduation and have received their AA Interior Studies degree prior to starting out in the BAA program.

Applicants may apply before completion of their degree but degree verification will be completed no later than 1 week prior to the beginning of the applicants first quarter in the BAA program.

Read more of this blog post » "Mount Royal University alumnus Mike Thorn is establishing himself as a premier horror fiction author. Read more of this blog post » Meaning to permeate with ideas, emotions, et cetera. Bespeaking years, a dusty coat covers A sad and cynical musing hovers About a pair of stylish, scarlet pumps. Read more of this blog post » Minnelli Lucy France Last year I self-published my very first book.

His book of short stories titled Darkest Hours is being released in both digital and print form on Nov. On a planet with two moons far in our future, not much has changed. It is an art book; which are books composed of a collection of paintings, illustrations, artworks etc..

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