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Inspired by his travel friends down the years, Jonny ended up in Biskupiec, Zlotoklos and Starogard Gdański long before his backpack toured Lublin or Wrocław.#magicznemiasta In the “Nigdy Więcej Wojny/ No More War” Series, Jonny delves deep and peacefully into Poland’s horrific past, bringing a sense of new found freedom amongst a destructive history.

#northernirishmaninpoland #jonnyblair #dontstopliving The Pomeranian capital, once the “Free city of Danzig”, the city where the Germans invaded, the place where Lech Wałęsa’s Solidarnosc all began.

For 2017 Jonny set a target to visit every Polish province, some micronations and lots of cities and towns.

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Expect to read about hotels, tour companies, English teaching, volunteering and travel writing.

#Pracujące Poniedziałki Having worked with Polish friends in 2004 - 2005 in Bournemouth, England, Jonny finally arrived in Poland in 2005, aged 24.

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It is important and essential to understand Polish history and the destructive regime implemented upon Poles by the Germans.

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