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Rolex Oyster Case Listings 1926 – 2003 Rolex watches are dated by a serial number which corresponds to the actual manufacture date.

The date of market introduction may vary however, so expect to add 6 to 18 months.

Very similar to a Rolex Date Just, the Date model was one of the first watches in history to display a date on the dial. Bob's carries a wide variety of Rolex Date models including the Rolex 15200, Rolex 15223, Rolex 69173, Rolex 79240.

The case serial number does not indicate when the watch movement was produced which increases the possibility that the movement is older than the watch case.Nonetheless, the case number is a generally accepted method to roughly determine the age of a Rolex watch.The case number is located between the lugs at PM, and on newer Rolex models starting in 2003 the serial number is located on the Rolex-Rolex-Rolex rehaut at the o'clock position.Please contact Minus4Plus6 to report any errors/corrections.Like many watch manufacturers, Rolex identifies the production year using either serial number range, or a letter prefix.

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