Updating organizational forms outlook xp recent documents not updating

My Outlook Email templates, however, are in the folder "Templates in File System".

Question: How do I change this selection process so that the DEFAULT LOOK-IN folder selected is always "User Templates in File System" thereby shortening the process??

You may skip the next 2 steps if you chose to add the 'Zetafax personal folder' to the Outlook client on the Exchange server during the connector installation.

The final step of the installation process is to install the Zetafax Outlook Extensions on each client PC that wishes to send faxes from Microsoft Outlook.

Copy the Zetafax Outlook Extensions install folder from the Product CD to a network share.

Once I have selected "Choose Form" I am delivered to a "Look In" field and have the choice of 13 folders to select from. First of all, you can place "Choose Form" button right on Outlook ribbon.

Start up Microsoft Outlook logging on as the user which has 'Owner' permissions on the Organizational Forms folder as above.

In Outlook go to 'File, Open, Outlook Data File.' browse to the and then click OK.

Close Outlook and then install the Zetafax Outlook Extensions (run setup.exe). Windows 2000 Active Directory sites can use group policy to install the outlook extensions on client PC's. ZTN1337 (Note: users will need it have local administrator rights to install the extensions and they need to be installed under the users profile).

The next time you run Microsoft Outlook, the Zetafax Outlook Extensions will be installed.

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The default name for the Siebel email form for Microsoft Outlook is IPM. For more information, see About Installing the Siebel Email Form.

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