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Finding someone to eventually reproduce with is every living thing’s raison d’être, and if technology has developed to enable the search for that mate, we should simply embrace that assistance.

So save that melodramatic “I can’t believe I’m doing this” line – it’s neither original nor attractive.

Usernames: the stupid, the melancholy, the stuck-up…

In my view a username can only achieve one of two things.

Picking the right username is all about finding the right balance between fun, flirty and realistic.

It's a good idea to keep the words you use in your name positive and mature.

Blasé profiles don’t seem cool – they give the impression that you don’t care enough.

If you’ve settled on a particular dating website and spent time creating a profile, you may as well fill out the boxes properly.

All they are focused on is your photograph and the contents of your profile.

By contrast, usernames like lonelyheart123, unlucky_in_love or smokinghot456 will instantly set off alarm bells. Online, it’s a lot easier to jump to conclusions about people from the smallest things; as a result, quirky usernames are not a good way to stand out.

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