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A tentative dendrochronological placement of the 213-year sequence against other tree-ring series suggests an absolute date range of AD 398–610 for the time-series (Pearson et al. We report a radiocarbon dating project to provide an independent near-absolute chronological placement for this important chronology. Sample YMT-263, which is employed in this study, came from this dock. Samples placed at the tentative dendro-date (figure modified from Pearson et al. The Ox Cal D_Sequence analysis employed the mid-point of each set of dated tree-rings. Green indicates presence of sapwood, black indicates that pith or last ring under the bark is present. Hd = Heidelberg; MAMS = Curt-Engelhorn-Zentrum Archaeometrie.Effective use of the wiggle-match dating technique requires attention to aspects of technique, its practical implementation and suitable research design.

A 213-year oak tree-ring chronology has been constructed from timbers from several sites from first-millennium AD Constantinople, in particular, from the study of over 2000 samples from harbour installations at Yenikapı (Figure 1), Istanbul (Pekin & Kangal 2007) (Figure 2). View of a small part of the Yenikapı excavation taken in July 2009 (looking to the SE) showing one of the wooden harbour installations from which samples were taken (Mürvet's Dock, informally named after the supervisor pending official nomenclature). Samples are grouped according to specific structures. RY = relative years (tree-ring) in terms of the floating 213-year chronology.

Bayesian modelling entails combining various forms of information about the material dated to obtain a more comprehensive chronological understanding.

These techniques are relevant to Iron Age wetland settlement in Scotland due to the lack of other methods that could produce high-precision dates on a routine basis; too few timbers from Scottish wetlands produce absolute dendrochronological dates and ordinary radiocarbon calibrations tend to have low precision during the period 750-200 BC, which covers the formative stages of both the Scottish Iron Age and wetland settlement tradition.

We see that the more recent the placement of the radiocarbon-dated decades from YMK-359 within the possible dendro-range, then the better the fit, since — given no other constraints (e.g.

dendro or the other sixteen C data would prefer a more recent fit.

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